Meeting Time: January 27, 2021 at 4:00pm PST
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R.-1 21-0013 Public Hearing by the Board of Education on Aspire Public Schools - Aspire ERES Academy - Material Revision - Request to Raise Enrollment Cap from 250 to 550, for Grades TK-8 - July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2024 - pursuant to Education Code Section 47605.

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    Olga Barajas about 1 month ago

    I the parent of a student at eres academy totally opposes eres is a great school with great staff it’s going to be a big loss. This school gives a lot to students and families it’s a disappointment. My student is very sad and does not understand why.

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    David Ryan about 1 month ago

    I'm David Ryan - currently a student at Stanford, living in Oakland. I hope to still be living in the area when I have kids, and I'd like excellent public school options like ERES to still be around.

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    Cecilia Sierra about 1 month ago

    To the Board of Trustee,
    My daughter and my two sons that already graduated from Aspire have attended Aspire schools since they were in Kinder. Early on the staff was very attuned to their needs and were able to serve them through the special education program. My daughter was not a number or just another student, he was someone important like all students are at Aspire. Aspire school staff and students aren’t like other schools, they become a tight knit community. To this day, my daughter has a close relationship with her previous teachers.

    I believe Aspire should be allowed to continue to provide educational opportunities for students in their communities without the excessive regulations being proposed. I want me and my daughter to have the choice to choose what educational setting and opportunity we feel right for us. All school districts provide education to students, but so do charters. Please do not take our choice away.

    Cecilia Sierra

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    William Ryan about 1 month ago

    Please allow ERES to continue to grow and keep doing its great work supporting its students! Please allow them to modify their charter.

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    Karen Ringewald about 1 month ago

    As a public school principal in Oakland, I know how challenging it is to support high quality schools where scholars are seen, known, cared for, nurtured, cherished, challenged, and belong. Over the past 12 years Aspire ERES Academy has worked hard to cultivate this type of community- ERES truly serves their scholars and families and provides so much more than a rigorous academic experience. I believe that ERES is the type of school OUSD should be proud to have and OUSD should work to support ERES to continue thriving. As a public school district, OUSD is accountable for serving ALL scholars in Oakland public schools- please approve revisions to ERES' charter so they can continue providing high-quality opportunities for Oakland's students and families.

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    Madeline Zhu about 1 month ago

    Please let Aspire ERES grow and serve more students in Oakland!

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    Amy Youngman about 1 month ago

    As a founding teacher at Aspire ERES Academy, I can attest to it's commitment to serving families in the Fruitvale community. In the years since it began, Aspire ERES has only grown in its ability to provide a high-quality, loving education to all who enter through the front door. Aspire ERES deserves the opportunity to continue providing students an education of access, safety and connection. OUSD is accountable for serving all students and providing quality public school options in every neighborhood in Oakland. It is heartbreaking that they are choosing not to allow this school to be an option for the many, many families that desire to send their students to Aspire ERES. Please consider allowing Aspire ERES to be a school of choice by supporting the material revision.

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    Mala Batra about 1 month ago

    I am writing in support of the Aspire Aspire ERES material revision.
    This incredible school community has continued to thrive despite major challenges and lack of support from the District to help secure a suitable facility and support community demand for growth. In the midst of the pandemic Oakland families are counting on us collectively to provide stability and quality for their children. Let's put politics aside and come together to continue to provide a high quality option for Oakland students. Please show up for the resilient ERES community tonight.

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    Jesus Magana about 1 month ago

    Dear Board of Directors,

    My name is Jesus A. Magana, I am a Sr. Financial Analyst for Aspire and I am in full support of the material revision. From working with ERES for the past 5 years I have seen them creatively find ways to make it through yet another school year. Their current limitation are strictly from operating in a facility that breaks down every month and inability to grow their enrollment. One way or another ERES has made it work and sees through that their students get the best education possible. From volunteering at their school site, helping small groups with math, I can see how special the community the ERES team has built is. What is most special is that students want to be at ERES and so do staff members. They have had some of the lowest staff turnover percentages and siblings of student want to come here, regardless of how small the school is. There is no academic dysfunctionality here, the school is well operated and families/student want to be a part of ERES.

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    Stacy Thomas about 1 month ago

    ERES has been a beacon of high quality for students in Oakland several years. I hope that it can continue to be operate as such for years to come.

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    Chenny Ng about 1 month ago

    Aspire ERES is a proven, high-quality, high-performing school with incredible staff who care for the WHOLE child. They have gone above and beyond during the pandemic to provide 1:1 Chromebooks and social-emotional support to their scholars. This is a thriving school that is in demand by families and children of Oakland. OUSD MUST act to approve this request. It would be actively cruel to force this school, serving primarily low-income students of color who are disproportionately affected by the ongoing pandemic, to shut down, which will happen if this measure is not approved. You will literally be causing direct trauma to the most vulnerable children you are accountable for serving. Please do the right thing -- support ERES and approve this request. The lack of support that Aspire ERES has received from OUSD is absurd.

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    Jessie Johnson about 1 month ago

    ERES is an incredible school. We are in the midst of a pandemic, and we are supporting the most vulnerable and the most in need. How dare OUSD not support us in finding a facility during all times but especially now! Our families need us

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    Melissa Gudino about 1 month ago

    I am a parent of power the power of our over-achieving students at ERES. We show very high test score and extremely high attendance records. I am a retired vice-president of the PTA from the SFUSD.
    ERES has swept me off my feet due to their complete structure intact in all areas of academics-test scores, which all schools are only judged on that. I support this school to increase enrollment. As the staff works tirelessly to fulfill all the needs of the students academically, mentally, and behavioral.
    Please OUSD, don't let the ERES student scholars down this school closing during the pandemic. How do the students expect to counter-react. It's strictly TRAUMA.
    I know OUSD has the opportunity and availability to continue to serve ERES and approve the ERES material revision. Some years back ERES won the top academic math achievement award in the nation as they scored #4. Give us the opportunity to keep achieving the highest academics. Please keep our school open.

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    TyJae Chenevert about 1 month ago

    This community cares about self-care and about the students, parents, staff and community. Where is a better place to work? All the schools I worked at only support the kids during school hours and never care about the family and community as a whole. It’s so much that ERES staff do for our scholars that you don’t see, but our kids and parents can tell you. Where will the money go to for shutting down a school? What is more important than education if that is what kids need to better their life? What will you do if the education system fails our kids if moved to another school/district? How do we know our kids will get the same support that they get know? If students behavior and education, what will you do to better the situation or you don’t care because you did your part into shutting our school down? What if the staff at other schools don’t support our kids like we do? What would you do to help our students with IEPs if their behavior escalated?

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    Lucy Paredes about 1 month ago


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    Olga Avila about 1 month ago

    I don't think that the school bc the first day I visited the school I knew it was perfect! The greeted me at the door. They showed me around too. I felt like if I was home. ERES is like my second family. I love this school. That is why the school shouldn't close. Also the people there are nice. - Alondra G. Avila and my mom Olga Avila

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    Reyna Morales about 1 month ago

    I am a proud parent of Aspire ERES Academy. A wonderful school and beautiful community. I am here today to support ERES Academy because of how much this school has impacted our lives and how much it’s helped my daughter’s grow and prepare not only for a good educational future but also for the challenges life has ahead. This fight to see ERES Academy prosper and grow has been eternal, I feel frustrated and you guys should feel embarrassed for not supporting our ERES community who’s main goal is to grow to give families the opportunity they deserve to choose the best education for their kids.

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    Maribel Sainez about 1 month ago

    ¡Basta ya! Aquí los únicos que deben tener voz y voto en este asunto son las familias y los estudiantes que tienen todo el derecho de elegir la mejor escuela para sus hijos. Esto no debe de ser una batalla política, la decisión debe ser tomada a base de la necesidad de nuestra gente y nuestra comunidad. ERES es un gran ejemplo de como una institución pone a los niños primeo, y más familias deben de poder acudir a ella. La situación económica del distrito no debe limitar las opciones para las familias de Oakland.

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    AJ Solina about 1 month ago

    I am a parent of 2 sons in Aspire. As a parent I deserve the right to pick a school that best serves my students needs and that has been Aspire. ERES is asking to serve the number of students they are already authorized to serve, o more. Aspire offers a great school with the ability to stay from kindergarten to graduation. Blocking ERES' move blocks students from the rights they already have. Be certain, if ERES isn't able to move and has to close you have done a disservice to those you serve and the ERES students will not return to OUSD but seek other opportunities for their scholars outside the district.

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    Brendan Korbas about 1 month ago

    I am an ERES staff member and I would like to find a sustainable way to keep this school open for the sake of the students and the community. We have created a great school here with consistently high scores and a wonderful community and we should find a way to keep schools like this open as opposed to shutting them down. We are talking about shutting a school down when it is thriving. Doing this will negatively impact the entire community as hundreds of students are forced to find new schools further from their homes. There are buildings available in Oakland that could house this school and allow more students to experience the joy of ERES.