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Agenda Item

R.-2 23-1221 Adoption by the Board of Education of Resolution No. 2223-0221 - School Stability and Belonging for Disabled Students in OUSD: Special Education Program Relocation, Redesign and Closure (formerly Promote School Stability and Belonging for Disabled Students in OUSD).

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    Jodi Levin about 1 year ago

    Please vote to support this resolution. Budget cutbacks should not be made to the detriment of disabled children.

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    Natasha Saleski about 1 year ago

    Vote YES on this resolution. Our students with learning differences need stability.

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    Carol Delton about 1 year ago

    Students and families have spoken eloquently about the negative impact of repeated closure of Special Education programs. This resolution is a move toward harm reduction in the present and more sustainable planning in the future. I believe the numbers stated by the district represent an approximately 50% exaggeration of the time limited savings that could be realized. Even the overstated amount pales in comparison to the size of the overall budget. I support the resolution.

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    Ashley Ayala about 1 year ago

    The East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC) is a racial justice, nonprofit organization whose youth unit represents young people caught at the intersection of the juvenile justice and education systems. EBCLC supports a YES vote on this resolution. Specifically, we urge that the OUSD Board cure and correct the violations of the Brown Act specified in the letter submitted by Disability Rights California on June 2, 2023.

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    Ian Kennedy about 1 year ago

    I urge you to support YES on this resolution. One of the reasons that we chose a public school, rather than a charter school, is so our child can stand in community with other kids. All kids learn better and grow up better when they spend time with ALL of their neighbors -- not just the able-bodied ones.

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    Chloe Erskine about 1 year ago

    Board Directors I ardently urge you to vote YES on the resolution and affirm your commitment to school stability and belonging for all disabled students in OUSD. Anything less is ablest and exclusionary in the extreme. Listen to students. Listen to families. Yes on this resolution immediately.

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    Sarah Taylor about 1 year ago

    As a parent of a student with extensive support needs who experienced frequent school changes due to administrative decisions, I strongly support this resolution. Students in SDCs are members of their school communities and should not be subject to disruptive transitions that would not be imposed on students in General Education.

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    Jess Berthold about 1 year ago

    I'm writing in strong support of this resolution. As the parent of a child with a disability who has gone to three schools in three years, I know firsthand the pain and harm that displacing children from their school communities can bring. All children, and particularly disabled children, thrive when they are known and supported by adults who have learned about their challenges and strengths firsthand -- a process that takes time. Shutting these programs down starts the clock on that learning process all over again for these children and the adults who support them. This is not a decision that should be made quickly or behind closed doors. Please pass this resolution and bring the matter into the sunlight. 'Nothing about us, without us."

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    Mari Triplett about 1 year ago

    Our family supports this resolution to prevent the harm done to disabled students, their families, their peers, and their school communities through the short-sighted plan to close special ed programs within OUSD. The truth is that these closures will create minuscule cost savings compared to other cuts the district could choose to prioritize, and will unequally harm to marginalized groups. It’s clear that the district does not care about inclusivity, or supporting the most marginalized of it’s students, as these decisions were made without the knowledge or participation of the actual disabled community, or the the OUSD Community Advisory Committee for Special Education. The impact of these closures on families of disabled students, their non-disabled siblings, and their greater school communities would be immeasurable, and we strongly support this resolution to prevent these unnecessary cuts to a critical educational program.