Meeting Time: January 11, 2023 at 6:30pm PST
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Agenda Item

C.-1 22-2731 Discussion and possible adoption by the Board of Education of Resolution No. 2223-0036 - Rescission of School Consolidations for 2022-23.

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    Glorimar Robles 9 months ago

    I really don’t want the school closures to happen all of our children at BROOKFIELD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, have advanced tremendously and by the closure occurring this will make an impact on the children and there academic progress will decline and we shouldn’t be having this we need to encourage and lift more our black and brown students! We need Brookfield open we love our school and students ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏽✊🏿! I’m the community school manager I want to save our school come on OUSD don’t do this to us man.

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    Aaron Rosenberger 9 months ago

    I support the measure to rescind all school closures. Oakland kids deserve more schools, not fewer.

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    janelle scott 9 months ago

    I support the measure to rescind the school closures. Closures disrupt the connection between families, communities, and local schools, a connection whose importance has been made all too clear by the last several years of a global pandemic where so many have lost loved ones, jobs, and secure housing. Public education in under attack throughout the country. At a time when students need stability, the opportunity to learn across social difference, and the ability to honor their talent and potential with rigorous and inclusive curricula. We cannot meet our students’ needs by shrinking the public sphere. Any additional OUSD closures require a more democratic, transparent, and inclusive process. OUSD students, present, future, and past, deserve better. We have a chance to reverse the misguided vote to close schools last year. I hope the board will listen, and respond to the community by revoking the closure vote.

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    Katie Graceffa 9 months ago

    I strongly support the recission of school consolidations. I encourage you all to have the courage to vote the same!

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    Andy MarshallBuselt 9 months ago

    As a special ed teacher who had worked in Oakland for 9 years, I urge the board to support the motion to rescind school closures.
    I particularly want to appeal to the white school board members who are representatives in a majority non-white city to take anti-racist action. Use your power and privilege as leaders to rescind the racist action of closing schools that primarily serve Black and communities of color. Listen to the community and to the votes. This is an historic opportunity to do the right thing for marginalized communities in Oakland.

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    Jeanette James 9 months ago

    Stop school closures for all schools

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    Anna Brandsoy 9 months ago

    Hillcrest is a wonderful community of kids from in and outside the neighborhood. Please do not close this incredible public school option

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    Claudia Morales 9 months ago

    My TK's school is on the chopping block to be closed 😭. He grew up in quarantine and is on the spectrum, he can't handle changes. Every holiday off school is sooo hard to return, but he loves his adult team at school. He has an IEP team that he trusts eventhough its his first year of school ever. He goes for them, he has little interest in his classmates. He is so motivated to learn, that i cant imagine having to change school staff, and environment. Please keep the schools open!

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    Chloe Erskine 9 months ago

    Stop school closures. Reopen closed OUSD schools. Bring Oakland charter schools into OUSD. Vote yes to rescind school closures.

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    Danielle Gerena 9 months ago

    Please stand with the community and vote yes on this resolution to rescind school closures.

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    Sharon Rose 9 months ago

    I live in D4. I urge my representative and all of the Directors to vote YES on the resolution to rescind the closures. We need a quality school in every neighborhood. There is no evidence that closing schools saves resources. If a school is not up to our standards of quality, don't close it -- make it better. Educators know how to do that. We know what improves schools. I want the school board of my city to stand against the insidious drive toward privatization of education that is sweeping the country. Time for progressive educators and board members to stand up to stop it.

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    Stacie Drese 9 months ago

    Please vote YES to rescind the closures slated for this year. They were decided upon in an irresponsible and irrational manner and it is time for our elected officials to be the voice for their constituents- the majority of whom are against these closures!

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    Sanela Osmancevic 9 months ago

    Director Hutchinson advocacy and hard work needs to pay off today. Stop traumatizing communities! Rescind school closures.

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    Ruth W 9 months ago

    Regardless of budgetary and/or educational policy concerns of any sitting board members that would cause them to oppose this resolution, the process by which the January 2022 decision to close schools came about was unthoughtful, unstrategic, and negligent, and should be unanimously rescinded. That the state Assembly now has a AB1912 to ensure this will not happen again should be a rebuke to anyone who continues to support school closures in Oakland at this time.

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    Hector Patty 9 months ago

    Part 2/2

    The bottom line is you need to Keep Horace Mann open, and do the right thing. Invest in the school, build the school up and not down. When you give an Oakland kid the right tools, they will develop and blossom.

    I feel that a closure is masking the deficiencies of the district and the students should not suffer.
    Keep all the schools open, because I have 4 more kids incoming into OUSD in the next 4 years, and I want them all to be enrolled at Horace Mann. I'm doing my part, now its time to do yours

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    Hector Patty 9 months ago

    Good Evening My name is Hector Patty
    I'm an enrolled member of the Muscogee Creek Tribe of Oklahoma. I currently serve as the Chairperson of the SSC at Horace Mann Elementary. One of the schools effected by the closures. As a long time Oakland born and raised resident, I want my kids to have the same dreams to look at. Hawthorne Elementary is where I called home in elementary, closed in 2006 i was the last graduating class, forward to 2023, almost two decades later my oldest daughter is experiencing this as a 1st grader. I want this school to stay open for generations to come.
    There is a teacher there now. Linda Selph, whom was my Third Grade Teacher, and I can tell you because of people like her is the reason we need to keep our schools open.

    Part 1 of 2

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    Emily Filloy 9 months ago

    Please vote unanimously to rescind the closures that were planned without any community engagement or input. New year, new board, no closures!

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    Ann Berlak 9 months ago

    Each and every one who will be voting this evening must vote YES to rescind school closures. No exceptions. The case is clear.

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    Betty OlsonJones 9 months ago

    I strongly support Director Hutchinson's resolution to put an end to school closures, and urge every one of you to vote YES. There is simply no evidence that closing neighborhood schools improves education for our students or saves money. Quite the contrary, closing schools disrupts communities, hurts children, and incurs costs by resulting in decreased enrollment as families get discouraged and leave. The fact that most of these closures have been in Black and Brown neighborhoods is shameful. Instead of closing schools, we should be doing everything possible to find the resources to make every school a community school. As a teacher, I had numerous students who came from closed schools, and I witnessed first hand the difficulty many of them had in adjusting to a new school. Please vote YES!

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    Marcia Henry 9 months ago

    What a great way for a new board to kick off a new year: RESCIND school closures. Please vote YES! Closing schools has never made any sense and the racial disparities are appalling.