Meeting Time: June 23, 2021 at 4:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

M.-1 21-1686 Presentation to, and a discussion with, the Board of Education by the Superintendent of Schools, or designee, of a Report (Update) on Implementation of Resolution No 2021-0128 - Advancing District's Citywide [Redesign of Quality Schools] Plan Work.

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    Keely Nelson about 1 month ago

    I'm an OUSD parent of 2 elementary school children, and I oppose closing historically Black schools. I believe you can make the right decision. Reparations for Black Students NOW.

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    Chaz Garcia about 1 month ago

    Just recently OUSD made a pledge to work with community while passing Reparations for Black students. This move would further destabilizes schools that have large numbers of Black students rather than providing the funding and resources needed to help them thrive. If the board passes this plan, they are making a statement to the community that they are not interested in working together for the benefit of our Black students and that the vote and work done for Reparations for Black students is not being honored and upheld. I Orange the board to work with community to find solutions that will work for all our students while holding our Black students at the center of that work.

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    Jessea Greenman about 1 month ago

    Hi. I support exempting majority Black schools from the BluePrint process. NOW is the time for the Board and Superintendent to interrupt the consistent targeting of majority Black schools and causing further harm to Black students.

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    Vaidehi Bhardwaj about 1 month ago

    NOW is the time for the Board and Superintendent to interrupt the consistent targeting of majority Black schools and causing further harm to Black students.

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    Ismael Armendariz about 1 month ago

    OUSD's school closure plan is anti-black racism in action. It's harmful to our students and community.

    In order for us to repair the harm to our black students, we must invest in them, their schools, and our community.

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    Margaret Rossoff about 1 month ago

    I oppose closing historically Black schools. A few years ago smaller schools were encouraged as a wat to provide a better education for children, particularly children of color, and then they became the targets of school closures. OUSD needs to invest in programs for these communities. You can consider this a form of reparations. All of us will benefit from the adults these students can become with appropriate support.

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    Lisa Nessan about 1 month ago

    I'm an OUSD parent and I oppose this item under discussion. Any process that takes place without engaging the communities potentially impacted by the Cohort selection process continues the anti-Black racism the Reparations for Black Students resolution highlighted and aimed to address. The resolution called for the creation of Task Force to work with the Superintendent to develop an equity impact analysis of any proposed closures, mergers or consolidations of OUSD school. Our community and our students deserve a better city-wide plan and historically and majority Black schools deserve support and investment, not closure, from this board.

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    Jackie Roth about 1 month ago

    I oppose the restarting of the district’s blueprint plan for closing schools. Closing schools in majority black and brown neighborhoods does not lead to equity. It disrupts learning, leads to instability, and is simply a way of avoiding the investment that needs to be made to ensure quality schools for all students. Closing these schools perpetuates rather than interrupts systemic racism, as sought by the Reparations for Black Students resolution.

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    JahYee Woo about 1 month ago

    I strongly oppose the current Blueprint Plan as it continues the harm against Black students and families. I strongly urge you to reinvest in historically Black schools so that our Black students can truly thrive as a District 1 educator and District 2 resident.

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    Allison Grill about 1 month ago

    As a district 1 teacher and D2 resident I strongly oppose any plan that includes closing schools, especially historically Black schools. We need to increase resources and supports to our Black and brown students, not discussing closing their schools.

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    Deleted User about 1 month ago

    I am a community leader with Bay Area PLAN here to to share my opposition to Resolution 2021-0128. This proposal harms the most impacted students of OUSD. Please listen to the voices of students, teachers, parents and community members calling to fully fund not close our community’s public schools. School closures will not close the existing deficit, to protect and support our students investment is required!

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    Gabi Lapointe about 1 month ago

    I strongly oppose closing Black-majority schools in Oakland after they have been consistently under-resourced and unsupported. It is not a strong nor equitable system that systematically underfunds our schools and communities in most need of support and then closes them. These decision impact and disturb the learning of some of our most disenfranchised communities. Please work with our Black students, families, educators, and community to find a more sustainable solution. Our students deserve better.

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    Ingrid Rosenthal about 1 month ago

    I strongly oppose the closing of Black-majority schools in OUSD. OUSD should be protecting these schools and providing reparations and support to Black students & families.

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    Kate Sbani about 1 month ago

    Teachers and families are opposed to all school Closures and mergers. There’s no evidence that closing schools supports the districts financial stability. In fact it leads to lower enrollment for our neighborhood schools and continues to alienate and disenfranchised specifically our black families in Oakland. The feedback process for the strategic plan was also insufficient.

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    Gregory Kalkanis about 1 month ago

    Please postpone the discussion of the District Citywide Plan until we have safely transitioned to in-person learning and the pandemic is behind us. The decisions which will impact students must be made carefully to provide reparations to our black children and families to address the damage from years of discrimination within OUSD.

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    Rebecca Longworth about 1 month ago

    I OPPOSE the process of school closings in OUSD.
    Small schools, and especially historically Black schools and others that serve primarily students of color, are essential for thriving students, thriving communities, a thriving Oakland, and even a thriving school district.
    We need MORE schools, not fewer.
    We need MORE places where our children of color in particular can learn and grow in supportive community.
    Invest in students, staff, and teachers by prioritizing historically Black schools and helping them to thrive.

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    Allistair Mallillin about 1 month ago

    These proposals harm Black schools, when OUSD claims to be a sanctuary district that fights for racial justice. School closures will not solve the budget deficit, and will simply harm black and brown communities. No school closures!!

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    Keith Brown about 1 month ago

    Our students deserve a better citywide plan. To proceed with the Cohort selection process identifying majority Black schools is yet again evidence that OUSD lacks an awareness of how to be anti-racist. Do not co-opt the Reparations Resolution. Please work with the task force and direct the Superintendent to come back with a plan that stops causing harm to Black students and majority Black schools.

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    Lillian Jacobson about 1 month ago

    I strongly oppose this measure. All of the schools at the top of your list are primarily Black schools, with students who are actively being pushed out of OUSD. These schools need your support, not the harm and trauma it will cause the community by closing them.

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    Kimberly Gila about 1 month ago

    I oppose this. This is not fair to the black students. The white schools are not being shut down.