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Agenda Item

F.-3 19-2378 Adoption by the Board of Education, upon recommendation of the Facilities Committee, of Amendment(s), Board Policy - BP 3280 - Business and Noninstructional Operations - Sale, Lease, Rental of District-owned Real Property, as delineated therein.

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    Aron Michalski 8 months ago

    CCSA is concerned and surprised that the proposed revisions to BP3280 make no mention of the district students served by charter public schools. This is particularly surprising given the District’s legal obligation to share its facilities fairly with public school students attending charter public schools under Proposition 39. Any decision by the District to voluntarily reduce its facilities inventory does not change this obligation. The burden of the District’s decision to sell properties will impact charter public school students in the same way as District school students. CCSA hopes that the District will change its course to meet its legal obligations and genuinely consider the facilities needs of its students served by charter public schools. CCSA further requests that the District add language to the policy recognizing that an analysis of whether to sell, lease or rent school facilities must expressly consider the Oakland students enrolled at charter public schools.