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Q.-1 19-1934 Public Comments on All Non-Agenda Items Within the Subject Matter Jurisdiction of the District - October 10, 2019.

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    Carol Delton over 1 year ago

    I am wondering why there has been no response to the staffing numbers I brought to the Board's attention back in early September. The question I raised was why the 2d Interim for 2018-10 showed projected staffing of classified non-management positions for the current year at 1320.7 versus the June Budget for 2019-20 showing them at 1268.6. Similarly, the 2d Interim showed Administrative/Management positions at 396.9 versus the June Budget showing 466. It is highly unusual for two SACS reports so close in time to present such radically different numbers, and if the more recent document is correct or close to correct it is of deep concern as it would be clear that the district is not making good on its goal of bringing management numbers into alignment with similarly sized districts. The correct numbers would also be an essential basis in planning for next year and determining where FTEs should be allocated. Do I need to file a formal documents request on this?