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Agenda Item

H. Public Comments on All Non-Agenda Items Within the Subject Matter Jurisdiction of the Committee

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    Jim Mordecai 8 months ago

    I want the consultant K12 Facilities to stop working with the 7-11 Committee until such time has it no longer is funded by 2012 Measure J, Bond funding. These 5 properties have nothing to do with the 2012 list of school construction projects and this consultant corporation if it continues should not be feeding on misappropriated funding.

    I demand Ed Code 17390(c) be followed and a priority listing of 7-11 Committee determined surplus properties and use of properties be circulated before hearings on the list are held in the attendance area of each listed property.

    There needs to be a discussion of whether all of the CDC properties should be not treated as surplus but recommendation listing circulated that the 7-11 Committee recommends each CDC property be reserved for future CDC centers.

    The Administration should apologize for not complying with Education Code 17390 fully.

    It should have a 7-11 Committee report on each Prop 39 request.