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Agenda Item

19-2011 Discussion by 7-11 Committee of Approach to Developing Recommendations Report.

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    Jim Mordecai 8 months ago

    Committee should quickly develop majority position on priority list of surplus property and recommendation for use of what the Committee considers "surplus" property. Although the Committee makes recommendations to the School Board that appointed them the decision to label a property "surplus" is an Education Code 17390 duty that the Oakland School Board cannot supplant. The Committee must not disregard its Education Code 17390 duty to hold hearings on its property attendance area listing of surplus property and recommended use for the property acceptable to the community. The hearings in the attendance area are for helping the Committee to develop its listing of surplus space and real property that the 7-11 Committee judges is acceptable to the community in the property's attendance area. So far Ed. Code 17390(c) hearings after circulation of Committee's priority list of properties and planned use of properties has not been held in each properties attendance area as required.