Meeting Time: October 03, 2019 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

19-2009 Discussion by 7-11 Committee on whether Edward Shands should be recommended surplus or not and any potential future use.

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    Jim Mordecai 4 months ago

    The school District's 7-11 Advisory Committee is tasked by Education Code 17390(c) to circulate a priority listing of surplus space and real property and hold hearings in the attendance area of the listed property the Committee listed as surplus. The Committee has advertised visits to properties open to the public but those visits are not advertised hearings required by Ed. Code 17390(c). Only after circulating a priority listing of the Committee's 17390(c) list in an attendance area can a hearing be held? Since no priority list of surplus property has been established, no attendance area community hearings can have been held!

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    Carol Delton 4 months ago

    Hello 7-11 Committee: If you recommend Shands or any property as surplus, how will you insure that any transaction regarding the property is of actual fiscal benefit to the district? My concern is that recent leases signed off on do not actually benefit OUSD financially. Thank you all for your service!