Meeting Time: January 28, 2019 at 6:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

19-0095 Adoption by the Board of Education of Resolution No. 1819-0143 - Approving Coliseum College Preparatory Academy Expansion and Roots International Academy Closure - Work Plan - Blueprint for Quality Schools.

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    Rebecca Edwards 6 months ago

    At last week's meeting, Roots students shared difficult stories about the roadblocks they faced in other schools and what the Roots community means to them. Why cause more trauma by singling out Roots for a sudden closure instead of following the promised Blueprint process of community engagement and a reasonable timeline? Has the district also considered that the most likely destination for Roots students will be the TWO charter middle schools on the same block - Aspire and Aurum?

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    Josh Austin 6 months ago

    I oppose the decision to close Roots because the students, parents, and educators had no part in this decision and they disagree as a whole. I trust them over the school board and administration to know that fully-funded neighborhood public schools, and not charter schools, are best for the community.

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    Heath Madom 6 months ago

    The decision to close Roots is short-sighted and was done without proper engagement of the community. It also won't save the District much money. The District needs to stop closing schools and allowing them to be replaced by charter schools.

    I urge the Board to vote against this proposal and keep Roots open.

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    Loraine Woodard 6 months ago

    Parents and students of Roots Academy do not want their school to close. They need a neighborhood school and this school needs to remain open. The district will not save money by closing this school because many of the students will likely move to charter schools.

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    Amanda Baldiga 6 months ago

    I am opposed to the closure of Roots International Academy - the school board needs to be responsive to its community, the students and parents who make up the Oakland community.