Meeting Time: October 24, 2018 at 4:00pm PDT
Note: Requests to speak are not allowed within 1 hours of meeting time. Speakers must register on site.
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Agenda Item

R.-2 18-1964 Adoption by the Board of Education of Amendments - Board Bylaws - BB 9322 Agenda-Meeting Materials and BB 9323 - Meeting Conduct adding to the Agenda Order a section that permits District's Bargaining Units to address the Board in Public Session at every Regular Meeting and providing that a member of the Public desiring to speak at a Regular Meeting be called upon once to address all agenda items simultaneously, respectively.

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    Gloria Lee 8 months ago

    Directors London and Senn, I appreciate your leadership in suggesting changes that I believe will increase civic engagement (much needed not just in Oakland but nationally). Having a regular time for labor makes sense as they are key partners, having each speaker comment on all items at once will enable you to hear more diverse voices, and moving public comments earlier will allow more families and students (who are most affected by school board decisions) to voice their opinions.